Bali Booking Online (BBO), an online accommodation sales agent based in Bali aims at facilitating worldwide travelers with various accommodations for their holidays.
Lots of hotels and villas selection at affordable prices dedicated to reach the target market of middle to lower which allow everyone to enjoy his vacation to many tourist destinations, especially the island of Bali that becomes the prime mission.
Bali Booking Online (BBO) views many hidden potential tourist destinations in Indonesia or around the globe which require massive promotion in order to be known by travelers. People are currently hunger for traveling due to get boring daily routines. By introducing some places of interest, combined with convenient lodgings will arise their excitement for holidays. Experience unique different cultures, food and beverages, and enchanting nature deliver added values for them. These issues are significant references for BBO in offering holiday packages, all inclusive with affordable prices. Inviting spouse or family during holidays is no longer a big deal but a wise act to share happiness. We truly believe that travelers won’t dispose vainly this challenge and opportunity for holidays.
Bali Booking Online (BBO) is proudly offeringA� 3in1 best main services as follows:
a) Regular Room, a direct booking from any classified hotels or villas which has various range of prices.
b) Room Promo, a special discounted booking offered in a certain period. Therefore the travelers shall frequently open and check BBO’s promo site to figure out.
c) Packages, a very particular and distinctive accommodation booking consisting of adorable mix services among rooms, free airport pickup, attractions (tour, water sport, watching dancing performance), spa, sunset dinner or romantic dinner, etc. Once you purchased a package, BBO has organized well your holiday and also sent you a schedule of trip (itinerary) to by email. A huge doubt for holidays out of a region or the country will no longer haunt you.
Packages becoming featured products of BBO, they are backpackers, honeymoon, family moon and roving stay. If you have designed your holiday due to seem like none of the list suits your plan. You could send a “request” and our staffs would pleasantly assist you to make it happened.
The rates or prices on packages is truly competitive and tends it cheaper. Purchasing any selected packages just needs 50% deposit, and the rest of payment obliges you to pay it off seven (7) days prior to arrival. Your budget is in your hands. It is quite cheap, isn’t it?. Our system collects your money withinA� maximum 3 days after the transaction completely done.
Finally, booking accommodation through Bali Booking Online presents a lot of benefits, choices and affordable prices.
a�?Your excited smile is our prioritya�?, our service motto becomes the truth of satisfaction of your holidays.