A number of questions are commonly asked:

Bali Booking Online (BBO) is a site online accommodation sales agent to facilitate the travelers to find a hotel or villa according to the budget they want when going for holidays.

There are many lodging options of hotels and villas with full facilities and affordable prices to travelers from the middle to lower category.

There are lots of promo hotels and villas that can be booked at any time but you must frequently open BBO’s website and check when the promo is valid.

There are hundreds of packages offered such as Backpackers, Family moon, Honeymoon, Roving stay, etc. with a lot of ease, more benefits and affordable prices, just paying a 50% deposit in advance and the rest of the payment is paid 7 days prior to arrival. Free pick-up at the airport and travel itinerary has been prepared perfectly, so you can enjoy a comfortable holiday. If you have designed your holiday earlier, it was not available on the list of packages, please click the “Request” and BBO will make it immediately according to your needs and wants.

Bali Booking Online will soon send two (2) emails to you, namely (1) Booking Information and (2) Payment Notification a few minutes after the payment is made. Please make sure your email address is correct and the payment amount must be fitted according to the bill, no more no less. If it does not fit the bill then the transaction is automatically rejected.
The cancellation policy is already stated clearly in the lower right corner when you fill out personal details to book a room or package. Please read carefully before stepping into the payment process.
Nope. When cancellations occur, we immediately communicate to the staff of the hotel or vice versa so that the room status is available again.
You can simply select the number of rooms or package booked by filling the quantity of room or package in the field provided.

Bali Booking Online offers 3in1 product that can be selected according to the needs and wants.

Hundreds of packages by the category of Backpackers, Family moon, Honeymoon, Roving stay, etc. are available for you. Itineraries ranging from airport pick-up and a number of tourist activities is given according to the contents of packages and has been prepared properly, so no need to worry about the transportation.

Purchasing a package only required 50% payment up front, the rest is paid 7 days prior to arrival, so you can set a budget vacation earlier.

All payments admin costs both credit cards and ATMs are fully charged to BBO, so you do not need to worry about the extra payments.

You can ask for BBO to plan your holiday according to the needs and wants.

If you want to stay longer, BBO will be ready to help you renting a villa for the long term; monthly or yearly.